Tradition and luxury combined

The beginnings of the Sulisław Palace date back to the 17th century. One of the prominent owners of this building was Frederick William III, King of Prussia. You can read about the fascinating history of Sulisław here.

The palace was built in the Neo-Gothic style. Thanks to its unique architecture and two corner towers, it gained a truly fairy-tale look. Thanks to a thorough renovation and stylish interior design, it has become one of the most representative places in the region. Today it is also the first five-star hotel in the Opole region.


Spacious, elegant rooms, the finest materials used for unique interior design, and hotel staff ready to meet your wishes - all this creates a unique atmosphere that ensures peace and comfortable rest.

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Prevention, cleansing, immunization

The Sulisław Palace has the first SPA in Poland which offers a full, unique range of Ayurvedic treatments. Ayurveda is a traditional medical system based on three principles: prevention, cleansing and immunization. We offer our guests professional Ayurvedic medical consultations and massages performed by qualified masseurs from Sri Lanka. The benefits of Ayurvedic treatments will ensure relaxation, improvement of well-being and an influx of vitality.

The relaxing and healing properties of water therapy have been known for a long time. Out of concern for the health and well-being of our Guests, we also offer access to the palace swimming pool.


Culinary philosophy of traditional Polish cuisine

Graf, the palace restaurant, draws on the local culinary tradition, offering exquisite Polish dishes. We offer you an original menu full of surprising flavors and beautifully presented dishes. The Chef recommends mainly Polish cuisine as well as dishes and cakes prepared according to the local and regional recipes.

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Comfortable and atmospheric...

The palace rooms are equipped with original furniture. Each room is unique and has an individual interior design. Excellent equipment, comfortable furniture and tasteful details ensure comfortable rest. Thanks to the use of natural materials, the highest quality fabrics and decorative elements, the effect of coziness and home warmth has been achieved.

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Sulisław - a palace from Hindu fairy tales

They say there are no accidents in life. While the beginnings of Sulisław are lost in the darkness of history, by a strange coincidence the settlement was founded in an extremely mysterious place. Sulisław belonged to the Grodków Land from the earliest times. Only twenty kilometers from here, in Oleśnica Mała, the Templars had their first and largest commandery in Silesia...

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