Art of flavor creation

The Sulisław complex has two restaurants with a different atmosphere and menu. They have one thing in common - the art of creating flavors.

All dishes have been composed by excellent Chefs, and for their preparation we use excellent ingredients from local suppliers, as well as aromatic herbs that we grow ourselves.

Restaurant menu


Traditional Polish cuisine

Graf, the palace restaurant, draws on the local culinary tradition, offering exquisite Polish dishes. We offer you an original menu full of surprising flavors and beautifully presented dishes.

The Chef recommends mainly Polish cuisine as well as dishes and cakes prepared according to the local and regional recipes.

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Sun, beach, pizza...

In the summer season, we also invite you to the Marina restaurant. This is a unique place on the map of the resort, where the picturesque landscape is enriched by ponds, a swimming pool and a sandy beach.

The original Italian pizza served at the Marina, straight from the wood-fired oven, and grilled dishes from the hearth are a tempting alternative not only on sunny days.


Not only for evening meetings

For those who prefer a casual and cozy atmosphere, our pub has something for everyone, from a drink to a classic whiskey. In addition to the offer of exquisite alcohols, we serve our Guests snacks from a wood-fired hearth.

It is a place where you can drink, among others, Belgian beer, watch a match or just sit together with your friends. It is also an ideal space for an intimate concert or recital.